Lumia 730 camera test 730 vs 1020

I went for a walk with Nokia Lumia 1020 in one of my pockets, and new Lumia 730 in another.

While 1020 is an older high-end, 730 is a typical mid-range. Which one is better?

Bigger (2/3" sensor) and F2.2 stabilized in Lumia 1020, or just typical, small 1/3.4" sensor and F1.9 without OIS in 730?

In this test I took brand new Nokia Lumia 730, and almost new 1020 for a trip. All shots were taken with Microsoft Camera on auto-mode. I've used Lumia 1020 oversampling technology, which is basically downsampling to 5mpx (with 16:9 ratio). Lumia 730 in 16:9 mode produce 5mpx pictures by default, so the pictures are exact same size.


First shot: cloudy day, high contrast. 

Lumia 730 vs Lumia 1020 in a good lighting

Nokia Lumia 730: ISO125, F1.9, 1/100 | Nokia Lumia 1020: ISO100, F2.2, 1/34

As You can see on 1:1 crop images, Lumia 1020 offers a better detail reproduction (grass, lace), and slightly lower chromatic aberration (CA). The colors tend to look more pleasant on 1020, but actualy the 730 is more accurate. It is worth to notice, that 1020 software allows longer exposure times to lower the ISO (and get advantage of OIS).


Second shot: it is almost night, only artificial, weak light

Lumia 730 vs 1020 artificial light

Nokia Lumia 730: ISO800, F1.9, 1/16 | Nokia Lumia 1020: ISO800, F2.2, 1/10

In a weak, artificial light Lumia 1020 shows the real power. Noise level of 1020 is much lower. In the shadows 1020 also gives more details. On the other hand 730's colors are more natural - less saturated.


Partly cloudy, lots of details

Lumia 730 landscape vs 1020

Nokia Lumia 730: ISO100, F1.9, 1/134 | Nokia Lumia 1020: ISO100, F2.2, 1/109

Reproduction of details is great in 1020, also CA is corrected properly. Lumia 730 is doing fine, but significantly worse than 1020 in both ways CA and details...

Look at the yellow bars at 1020, they seriously didn't look like that, colors are again more accurate in 730.


The portrait & the bokeh

Lumia 730 and 1020 portrait

Nokia Lumia 730: ISO100, F1.9, 1/100 | Nokia Lumia 1020: ISO100, F2.2, 1/60

First of all, this is the first shot when Lumia 1020 produced better colors, my wife's face captured with 730 is to pink :)

Second of all, the noise is much lower in 1020.

And last but not least - "the bokeh" - for 1020 it is possible to blur a background on a typical portrait distance, for 730 it's not.



Nokia Lumia 1020 is a better photo-smartphone, I think the best on the market, but Lumia 730 is not bad at all.

To be honest the picture quality is superior in 1020, so sensor size matters, OIS is good but with faster lens 730 handles well. On the other hand 1020 should work on saturation, shame!

As a phone - 730 is more handy, has better screen, battery, and is very lightweight, so if the image quality is not critical - 730 is a good choice.


730 camera pros:

- very good color reproduction in most cases

- fast lens (shorter shutter speed)

- fast shooting (picture to picture, and cold start)

- good exposition

730 camera cons:

- detail reproduction typical for 1/3.4" sensor

- noise typical for 1/3.4" sensor

- visible chromatic aberration


1020 camera pros:

- noise level is low

- detail reproduction is good

- CA is not visible

1020 camera cons:

- slow shooting

- oversaturated colors

- sometimes underexposed outdoors