Hidebox.org - Your anonymous mail box

Hidebox.org - Your anonymous mail box

Hidebox.org is a service which can reduce the amount of "spam" in Your mailbox. I, personally use this site every day.

I know that it might sound like a commercial, but "Have You ever been burried by unwanted messages in Your mailbox?" :) If the answer is "Yes", You shound give hidebox.org a try. Just use any address, like bonjovi@hidebox.org, as Your own, and receive emails online.

One time I was downloading some stuff, but suddenly that site required my email address. I didn't want to give them one, so... I thought that I may not be the only one.

I've always wanted to deal with Zend_Mail and email in general, so here it is. As I said it uses Zend_Mail, Imap and some custom made improvements to parse every email correctly. What striked me the most during the development is that many newsletters, password reminders, etc. are just crap, and to parse it nicely is a considerable work, even with Zend_Mail.

Bye, and remember to sign up for the next newsletter You found, with a hidebox.org mailbox :)