Spycolor.com - Color conversion tools

Spycolor.com - Color conversion tools

Spycolor.com is a color conversion tool, that allows You to find and get the details of any color that comes to Your mind. If HSL, HSV, CMYK and RGB tells You anything, You should definetly visit this site.

For me the Spycolor.com was a very interesting project, because I had to write the whole color conversion library from scratch, with no experience at this matter. I was shocked that algorithms, that can be found on the internet, are buggy and poorly designed.

After a few days of work (and drinking some beers), I've managed to set up something that actually worked, and worked fine.

The next step was to design a single color site (for example: blue color). With my brand new, colorful library it wasn't so hard, just put some conversion, harmonies, and other interesting stuff.

After that I thought it would be nice to provide a name to the color that has been named, so I've found some sources with color names, and merged it together.

So that is the magic behind Spycolor.com.