My projects - websites, whois and more - websites, whois and more

I've always needed a tool which can gather every possible information about particular website, eg.: WHOIS, DNS hosts, and even opened ports on each host. - weather statistics and history data - weather statistics and history data

I was always wondering, what was the weather exactly one year ago, with it is (or soon be) possible. - a huge MD5 database - a huge MD5 database

MD5, and other hashes like SHA1, SHA256 cannot be decrypted because this algorythms are lossy. So what we can do? - Your anonymous mail box - Your anonymous mail box is a service which can reduce the amount of "spam" in Your mailbox. I, personally use this site every day. - Color conversion tools - Color conversion tools is a color conversion tool, that allows You to find and get the details of any color that comes to Your mind. If HSL, HSV, CMYK and RGB tells You anything, You should definetly visit this site.